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Drupal Migration Case Study

In 2013, Adobe announced that it would discontinue the Adobe Publish CMS product. This affected two of Web Master Designs clients: BART and The Phillips Collection. We immediately started looking for alternative CMS products that would provide similar functionality at a reasonable price. Although each client had different requirements, technical capabilities, and financial resources, after an extensive review of various products, they both decided to use Drupal.

The Phillips Collection Website Case Study

After awarding a contract to build the federated search to Web Master Designs, The Phillips Collection (TPC) determined that its current website needed to be updated in order to make it more useful. The old website had been built out over time it did not have a consistent look and feel, was hard to maintain, and didn't provide a good user experience.

BART Website Case Study

The Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) website was redesigned by 415, Inc., back in 2001. It was a vast improvement over the District's original site but needed to be updated to reflect a more modern look and feel, as well as incorporate user interface changes and feedback from users. BART contracted with Hot Studio to create a new design that incorporated these changes and chose Web Master Designs to manage the project and implement it. BART also wanted to upgrade the back-end functionality from classic ASP to ASP.NET and C#.

BART Mobile Website Case Study

Web Master Designs built a very basic mobile website for Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) back in 2004-05. It provided very simple pages that would work on most web-enabled phones. In the time since that was launched, the whole smartphone industry took off, and it became time for BART to improve the look and feel of its mobile website as well as add new functionality for smartphones.
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