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Oregon Hunter Jumper Association Updates

The Oregon Hunter Jumper Association was ready to launch a new public WordPress site, but needed updates to their ASP.NET members site to match the new structure and styling. Web Master Designs was hired to update the navigation, CSS and to make the menus responsive, matching the new WordPress site.

BART Contra Costa County Extension Opens Soon

As part of a number of system-wide expansion projects (including Silicon Valley, Livermore, and East Contra Costa County), the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) is preparing to open two new stations, extending the Pittsburg Bay Point/SFO - Millbrae line out to Pittsburg City Center and Antioch. Adding these new stations to the BART API and handling trip requests before the new line opens was handled by Web Master Designs in preparation of the new stations opening.

The Phillips Collection Event Updates

After polling users and getting information on what improvements they would like, The Phillips Collection decided to revise how they handle events on their website to make it easier to find events and better organize how events are displayed. Web Master Designs updated the Drupal templates, created some new ones, added a filtering capability for events, and corrected some issues with pagination of the associated views that existed.

BART Updates QuickPlanner

As part of a project to improve their QuickPlanner trip-planning tool, BART requested new enhancements which included adding some new fields as well as improving the scheduling service and transfer locations. Web Master Designs took the lead on defining the new scope, providing project management of the overall project and integration of the new QuickPlanner results into the BART API and website.

BART Improves Equipment Outage Feeds

BART converted their elevator and escalator outage tracking feed from using a manually input system to an automated system tied into their work-order system. This feed is now polled every minute and the results are displayed on the website. Web Master Designs updated the BART API to show this information and incorporated that feed into the BART website.