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Management Profile

Robert Falconer - Managing Member

Robert has been involved with web programming for over 20 years. He started his first Internet company, ValueNet, in 1994 with a couple of friends to put wineries on the Internet. ValueNet built a programming structure for serving browser-specific pages, developed a database-driven website for storing winery client content, and created an e-commerce solution from scratch.

After ValueNet, Robert went to work for a GIS company named Kivera. Working in the GIS/mapping industry helped Robert develop his Java and Unix skills. He was responsible for compiling the map, point of interest, and dealership database used by the first generation Lexus car navigation system. He also helped develop a Java-based call center application for use in conjunction with the in-car navigation system to allow tracking of stolen cars, door unlocks, and remote assistance.

Determined to work more closely with actual Internet-based technologies, Robert then became the director of technology for 415 Inc., a boutique San Francisco-based web design firm. Initially managing a team of 6 programmers, Robert oversaw the entire technical staff which grew to 22 people (programmers, QA, and IT). During this time, Robert continued doing some work on client projects including Sony Computer Entertainment America's PlayStation website, the San Francisco Symphony, the Library of Congress' "America's Library" site, the Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART) website, and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) website and search.

After the dot-com bubble burst, Robert decided to relocate back to his hometown of Portland, Oregon, where he founded Web Master Designs, LLC. Continuing to work with some of the clients that he had worked with at 415, Robert became the primary web programmer for BART, SFMOMA, and The Phillips Collection, a modern art museum in Washington, D.C. He also became an implementation specialist for Adobe Publish (previously Atomz and then Omniture), working on projects installing the CMS for their clients. Publish was a SaaS solution, which Robert implemented in both Windows and PHP environments.

When Adobe Publish was finally taken off the market in 2013, Robert helped his current clients migrate to Drupal 7, which has become his focus over the past few years. He is currently also working with Drupal 8 as it becomes the platform for future Drupal development.

Over his 25+ year career, Robert has worked as an employee, independent contractor, and business owner, and his clients include companies such as Hughes Aircraft, AT&T, Bowtie Press, The Daily Journal, Semphonic, Rambus, and Visa. He continues to be a hands-on programmer whose skills include Drupal, PHP, MySQL, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, and XSLT. He holds a B.A. in mathematics from Pomona College.